Connecting Mathematica and SAS

Mathematica 12 compatible

m2slinkbasicM2SLink enables you to access the functionality of SAS from your Wolfram Notebook.

M2SLinkBasic is an add-on for Mathematica that enables you to import any SAS dataset into your Mathematica notebook.

With M2SLinkBasic, you can:

Import any SAS dataset (V7 or later) directly into your Mathematica notebook without having to use SAS transport files.

  • Imported data is contained in a Mathematica list with a special structure, which can be manipulated just like any other list in Mathematica.
  • Built-in SAS formats as well as user-defined formats are fully supported.
  • Date, time and date-time values are automatically converted for you as you transfer your data back and forth between Mathematica and SAS.
  • Works with SAS Viya Windows client.
  • Import JMP data tables.

Explore your data using M2SLinkBasic's unique interactive scatter plot and dataset viewer.

For exporting SAS datasets and running SAS programs, see M2Slink.

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