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  • Generalized language for describing optical systems in three-dimensional space
  • Sequential and non-sequential ray tracing in three-dimensional space
  • Comprehensive, searchable database of optical components and optical materials
  • Numerous design examples with frequent updates
  • Arbitrary, user-defined optical surface profiles of any shape and format
  • Analytic parametric descriptions of optical surface shapes
  • Symbolic parameterization of optical system characteristics
  • Optimization of arbitrary system parameters
  • Energy calculations including gain, absorption and Lambertian scattering
  • Randomized light sources and Monte Carlo ray tracing
  • Gaussian beams
  • Amplitude and optical path length (phase) information
  • Modulation transfer function (MTF)
  • Ray-trace speed enhancements
  • Graded-index refraction for lenses and optical fibers
  • Linear polarizers, birefringent optics, retardation plates
  • Jones matrix calculations
  • Curved optical fibers
  • Able to import files from Zemax and CODE V
  • Polarization/wavelength-dependent optical coatings
  • Intensity plots of any surface
  • Geometric point spread function
  • Positioning functions
  • Aperture stops, pin-holes and baffles
  • Fresnel-flattened lenses and mirrors