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SchematicSolver 2.3

Mathematica 9 compatible Schematic Capture, Symbolic Solving, Processing, and Implementation of Analog and Digital Systems

"SchematicSolver is a kind of front processor for Mathematica. It is a fantastic tool for researchers and engineers in fields such as circuits, systems, and signal processing. It is easy to use. You can draw your system on the screen by picking up elements from the palettes using a mouse. Every time you put an element on the workspace, it is automatically interpreted to a corresponding Mathematica input statement called schematic specification."

         Professor Akinori Nishihara
          Tokyo Institute of Technology

SchematicSolver is a Mathematica application package that allows you to create symbolic representations of systems. It provides functionality for system drawing, solving, simulating, processing, and implementation.

The knowledge embedded in the representation can be used to generate implementation code or to analytically derive system properties, such as transfer functions or impulse responses. SchematicSolver is ideally suited for linear, nonlinear, analog, or digital systems; algorithm development; modeling; and simulation.

SchematicSolver also automatically generates software implementations of linear and nonlinear discrete systems. This function can process symbolic samples: for a symbolic input sequence, you can compute the symbolic output sequence with both the system parameters and the states specified by symbols. Similarly, the transfer function of a complex multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system can be derived in terms of system parameters kept as symbols.

For nonlinear systems, a closed-form expression of the output signal for a known symbolic stimulus can be derived. Some classes of algorithms can be visualized as block diagrams (systems) and optimized symbolically. Schematic objects and symbolic processing can be applied to a much wider range of tasks, such as intelligence amplification.

SchematicSolver automatically solves systems with algebraic loops when the traditional numeric approach fails. Important properties, such as the power-complementary property of high-speed filters, can be analytically proved, which is practically impossible to do by hand. Multirate systems can be symbolically treated in an automated way by generating the schematic, creating implementation code, and processing symbolic sequences. In addition, very complex multirate structures can be compared.

Symbolic signal processing, an innovative feature of SchematicSolver not available in other software, brings you computation of transfer functions as closed-form expressions in terms of symbolic system parameters and can find the closed-form response of schematics. The derived result is the most general because all system parameters, inputs, and initial conditions (states) can be given symbolically.

About the Developers

Prof. Dr. Miroslav D. Lutovac is affiliated with the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia. His research interests include the theory and implementation of analog and digital signal processing, and the symbolic analysis and synthesis of multiplierless and multirate digital systems.

Lutovac's project, New Software Turning Algorithms into Implementation, received the Central European Initiative (CEI) "From Research to Enterprise" award in 2004. He is a senior member of the IEEE and was an advisory member of the journal IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences from 2000 to 2008 in Japan.

Dejan V. Tosic is also a professor in the School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. He has focused his research on creating a framework for the symbolic analysis of circuits and systems that is suitable for research as well as industrial and educational applications. He is developing automation tools for optimizing the design and synthesis of analog and digital systems.

Tosic's project, Advanced Signal Processing Pack, was supported by Wolfram Research, Inc. He received a Mathematica Visiting Scholar Grant from 2001 to 2002.

Product Support

SchematicSolver is developed and supported by Miroslav Lutovac and Dejan Tosic.

Dr. Miroslav Lutovac
Bulevar Arsenija Carnojevica 219
11000 Belgrade
cellular phone: +381-(0)62-8132-280
email: lutovac@ieee.org
web: http://www.ains.rs/dostignuca.php?clan=95

SchematicSolver 2.3 requires Mathematica 9 and is available for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.