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Who Is It For?

Whether you are a student, an educator, an engineer, a system analyst, a researcher, or a practitioner, SchematicSolver offers you an easy, convenient, and comprehensive environment in which to draw, solve, and implement systems in Mathematica.

SchematicSolver is targeted at:

  • Educators and students who want more efficient practical teaching and learning
  • Practitioners who are short of time to master the theoretical background of the design procedures, implementation details, processing algorithms, and Mathematica
  • Industry designers responsible for products with short time-to-market
  • Beginners who learn and experiment with system analysis, implementation, and design
  • Advanced users who explore and prototype new design algorithms and solutions

You don't have to be a skillful user of Mathematica, or an expert in signal processing, to fully exploit SchematicSolver. With just a minimum of basic system theory, you can successfully use SchematicSolver to draw, solve, implement, and simulate various systems, such as continuous-time (analog) systems, dynamic feedback and control systems, or discrete-time (digital) multirate systems. SchematicSolver has intuitive interface and comprehensive online documentation that leads you step by step through the process of creating and analyzing the schematic of your system model.

If you are a signal-processing expert, SchematicSolver is a quick solution for your frequently used systems. Moreover, you can use the full power of Mathematica for additional processing of the symbolic results SchematicSolver returns, such as mixed symbolic-numeric optimization not available with other software.

The interactive online documentation contains a number of detailed real-life examples that demonstrate the different schematics--system models--that make SchematicSolver an excellent teaching tool either for independent study or for use in courses on signal processing, control systems, filter design, or signals and systems.