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Who's It For?

SEM collaborates with Mathematica to provide supercomputing solutions in aeronautics, astronomy, bioinformatics, chemistry, drug research, engineering, finance, mathematics, physics, and statistics.

Application areas include simulation, modeling, numeric and algebraic computations, visualization, large-scale data analysis, and cryptography. Here's what various SEM users have to say.

"We contracted SEM for development of a new parallel computation platform, and found it to be very efficient in terms of the stability and use for financial engineers who do not have the time to optimize load balancing issues, but want to focus on modeling."

Vineer Bhansali, Managing Director, PIMCO

"I proudly endorse SEM for its remarkable flexibility and scalability."

Dr. Yuko Matsuda, Tokyo Institute of Technology

In fact, Mathematica itself is relied upon by over one million professionals and students in science, technology, engineering, finance, medicine, research, and education. Find out what's being said about Mathematica.