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Use System Modeler to develop accurate models of wind, solar, and other power generation and distribution systems. Combine with Mathematica for further optimization and analysis.

Battery: Model a Chemical Electrical System

High-fidelity battery models are needed in the development of portable electronic devices, hybrid cars, wind turbines, and solar panels. This model allows you to analyze how the battery responds to thermal conditions as well as to charge and discharge cycles in the larger system.

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The latest versions of System Modeler and Mathematica.

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Combine Component- and Block-Based Modeling

The battery is constructed with custom electrical components. Within components, the battery state is modeled using blocks.

Explore Temperature Impact on Battery Cell Lifetime

Connect SystemModeler to Mathematica to analyze different battery characteristics. The batteries are discharged in intervals of 540 seconds and then rested for 60 seconds.

model of one
battery cell
Block-based model of usable capacity
Charge the battery
from a wind turbine.
Power an electrical motor
with the battery.
In the first discharge
cycle, both batteries
perform similarly.
After 275 Ahs of processed charge,
the battery at 25 °C has a much
longer discharge time.

Easily Reuse Model Components

The component-based modeling paradigm enables instant reuse of components.

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