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Speed Control of a DC Motor

Speed control mechanisms have a wide range of applications, ranging from supervising the motion of elevators to steering an autonomous vehicle. This example shows a workflow of how you could create a speed controller for a DC motor.

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The latest versions of System Modeler and Mathematica.

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Create a Model

Create a model of the DC motor graphically or programmatically.

Built-in example of a DC motor in System Modeler is loaded in the Wolfram Language.

Linearize the Model

Linearize the model around the equilibrium.

A linearized state-space representation of the DC motor is obtained.

Create a Controller

Create a controller using the control system functionality.

A PID controller is created that is good at rejecting disturbances, as well as following changes in the reference.

Connect the Controller

Create a controlled system by automatically connecting the controller to the model in a closed loop.

The PID controller is automatically connected with the DC motor.

Test the Controlled System

Test the controlled system for a reference input and a set of disturbances.

The DC motor attains the reference speed and maintains it despite the disturbances.

Streamlined Creation of Controlled Systems

Control the speed of a DC motor using the improved control system functionality.