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Instructor-Led Course

The Wolfram Language: Programming Fundamentals

Level: Intermediate

This course teaches the fundamental concepts of programming in the Wolfram Language. It features concise lecture sections, self-check exercises and tips for writing Wolfram Language code. Limited registration and small class size allow for interactive topic exploration and Q&A. Basic familiarity with the Wolfram Language or introductory-level skill in any programming language is recommended.

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  • Lists, Associations and Datasets
    Discover the most common data structures in the Wolfram Language and how they can be used.
  • Assignments, Rules and Patterns
    Understand how the Wolfram Language handles one of the most common tasks of programming—defining variables and functions. Create and use replacement rules to transform expressions. Also learn about the extensive pattern-matching capabilities of the language.
  • Syntax and Expressions
    Learn about the fundamental building blocks of the Wolfram Language and how they can be put together to build more complex code.
  • Writing a Program
    Use functions according to your programming style and learn about tips and tricks helpful for programming in the Wolfram Language.