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Whether you want to start with elementary algebra, prepare for the Calculus AP exam or explore advanced topics like solving second-order differential equations or fractional calculus, you will find courses addressing a broad range of mathematical concepts in this catalog.

Beginner-level courses introduce fundamental concepts and their applications. Higher-level courses cover advanced algorithms and techniques, along with real-world examples applicable to natural science, engineering, economics and other fields. Certification opportunities are available for proficiency in mathematics subject areas as well as for completion of specific courses.

Upcoming Events

  • Feb 27 | Online

    Time Series with Wolfram Language

    This tutorial introduces the Wolfram Language framework for computing with time series data. The tutorial does not focus on any particular discipline but is relevant for anyone interested in financial analysis, biological or environmental science, the social sciences or any field with time-related data.

  • Feb 29 | Online

    Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations and Their Applications

    Join this colloquium to hear overviews of recent work in numerical methods by research experts from around the world. As a bonus presentation, you'll get a developer's view on how finite element method (FEM) functionality is approached as a core part of Wolfram Language.

  • Mar 11–15 | Online

    Daily Study Group: Topics in Artisanal Calculus

    Explore lesser-known but incredibly useful topics in calculus. Learn about umbral calculus, Bell polynomials, the Euler–Maclaurin formula and fractional calculus. See how you can apply methods in calculus to the study of dynamical systems, minimal surfaces and even number theory.