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Whether you want to start with elementary algebra, prepare for the Calculus AP exam or explore advanced topics like solving second-order differential equations or fractional calculus, you will find courses addressing a broad range of mathematical concepts in this catalog.

Beginner-level courses introduce fundamental concepts and their applications. Higher-level courses cover advanced algorithms and techniques, along with real-world examples applicable to natural science, engineering, economics and other fields. Certification opportunities are available for proficiency in mathematics subject areas as well as for completion of specific courses.

Upcoming Events

  • Apr 3–Apr 14 | Online

    Daily Study Group: Introduction to Statistics

    Follows lessons from the upcoming Wolfram U comprehensive statistics course. Topics are those typically found in introductory statistics courses and serve as great preparation for further study as well as the AP Statistics Exam.

  • Apr 17–May 5 | Online

    Daily Study Group: Introduction to Calculus

    Follows lessons, exercises and quizzes from the Wolfram U comprehensive introduction to calculus course and provides excellent preparation for the AP Calculus AB exam.