Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Wolfram Technology Certified Level I

Wolfram Language programming skills are in demand for any field involving computation. Passing the Wolfram Language certification exam demonstrates your proficiency in a range of computational tasks—from basic lists, rules and data manipulation to high-level machine learning and geographic visualization. Please review the information below before requesting a Wolfram Language certification exam.

You'll Need to Know About...

  • Data representation and computation with List, Association and Dataset
  • Processing and rearranging data with rules and patterns
  • Solving a variety of equations, inequalities and systems
  • 2D and 3D visualizations for displaying data and functions
  • Automated machine learning with Classify, Predict, etc. and the neural net framework
  • Dynamic expressions and interactive manipulation
  • Computation, storage and deployment in the Wolfram Cloud
  • Geographic computation and visualization

Program Guidelines

This exam is administered in a notebook that may either be filled out and graded directly from the Wolfram Cloud, or downloaded and completed in a licensed Wolfram desktop interface. Candidates are allowed one week to complete the exam and are required to answer all exam questions without receiving help from others. Automated grading provides test-takers with instant access to their scores and certificates. Successful candidates are required to correctly answer 70% of the exam questions. Candidates may request this assessment up to three times within a six-month interval.

Exam download links and exam notebooks should not be shared with anyone else. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the disqualification of a candidate for certification.

Recommended Certification Process

  • Review the topics and program guidelines above.
  • Study the materials available at Wolfram U.
  • Click Request Exam above to get your copy of the exam notebook.
  • Complete all exercises in your exam notebook within the one-week deadline.
  • Within the notebook, click Grade My Exam to submit your answers for instant review.
  • Download your Wolfram Technology Level I certificate immediately upon achieving a passing grade.