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Wolfram Certified Level II
Multiparadigm Data Science

After completing the Multiparadigm Data Science course videos, quizzes and exercises, you're ready to consider Level II certification. Course completion and Level I certification are not required in order to apply for Level II, but they are strongly recommended. Level II certification requires submitting an independent project that demonstrates expertise in applying the Multiparadigm Data Science approach to solving a complex problem. Submissions are assessed according to a grading rubric.

Level II Project

Browse the datasets found in the Wolfram Data Repository, select one from those listed below and develop an independent project based on the data. Refer to the grading rubric for requirements related to identifying your data source and showing how it has been cleaned and curated.

Grading Rubric »

Recommended Level II Certification Process

  • Begin by studying the materials available in the Multiparadigm Data Science interactive course.
  • Watch all 21 videos and pass the 4 quizzes in order to earn your certificate of course completion.
  • Track your certification progress within the course by selecting Certification Overview at the bottom of the table of contents.
  • Complete required exercises for Level I certification.
  • Prepare for Level II certification by selecting a dataset from the list of Multiparadigm Data Science projects.
  • Create your independent project notebook.
  • Consult the grading rubric to ensure your project meets certification standards.
  • Pay the $395 certification fee and submit your project notebook.
    (Education customers pay $195; students pay $95.)

Submitting Your Project

Once your project notebook is complete, pay the certification fee and follow instructions to upload your file(s). All projects are scored according to the grading rubric. A project score of 75 or greater will earn Wolfram Certified Associate Level II in Multiparadigm Data Science. Mastery of the multiparadigm data science workflow is required, with additional points given for reproducibility. Please refer to the grading rubric for details. You will be notified about your certification status within three weeks of your submission. Successful applicants will receive a certificate suitable for printing, and every applicant receives project feedback that includes an explanation of their score. Applicants who receive scores under 75 may work to improve their projects and can apply again for Level II certification by submitting revised projects with the certification fee.

Begin Project Submission