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Proficiency in Mathematica

Level 1 Certification

Mathematica provides users with technical prowess and access to algorithms and functionality covering all areas of technical computing. Passing the Level 1 certification exam demonstrates your proficiency in using Mathematica to accomplish a range of computational tasks. The certification exam covers both fundamental and advanced functionalities of Mathematica, including its underlying language, Wolfram Language. The questions are designed to challenge the user to demonstrate not only proficiency in Mathematica's basic operations but also its more sophisticated features for complex problem solving.

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You'll Need to Know About...

  • Notebook Interface Features: Concepts related to notebook organization, cell styling and programmatic manipulation of notebooks.
  • Visualization Techniques: Creating customized plots and graphics, including 3D visualizations and interactive charts.
  • Dynamic and Interactive Content Creation: The Manipulate command and its range of controls for creating interactive interfaces.
  • Data Manipulation and Analysis: Applying techniques for importing, cleaning and transforming large datasets as well as utilizing built-in functions for statistical modeling and machine learning.
  • Symbolic and Numerical Computation: Applying symbolic computation for solving mathematical problems, including algebra, calculus and differential equations. Demonstrate proficiency in using numerical methods and precision control.
  • Higher Mathematical Computation: Using built-in functions for problem solving in subject areas such as linear algebra, real and complex analysis, probability theory, discrete calculus and group theory. Developing mathematical models and simulations.
  • Integration with External Systems and the Wolfram Technology Stack: Connecting to external services, databases, APIs and other software systems as well as Wolfram Language–powered technologies, including Wolfram|Alpha, the Wolfram Cloud, the Wolfram Data Framework and the Wolfram Knowledgebase.
  • System Operation and Setup: Optimizing memory and performance, including adjusting preferences for computation, graphics rendering and interface responsiveness and utilizing paclets, packages and resources.

Program Guidelines

This exam is available in a Wolfram Cloud notebook and will be automatically graded upon submission. Candidates are allowed one week to complete the exam and are required to answer all exam questions without receiving help from others. Automated grading provides test-takers with instant access to their scores and certificates. Successful candidates are required to correctly answer 70% of the exam questions. Candidates may request this assessment up to three times within a six-month interval. Your exam notebook should not be shared with anyone else. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the disqualification of a candidate for certification.

Recommended Level 1 Certification Process

  • A good place to start is the free online tutorial Hands-on Start to Mathematica, also available to purchase as a book.
  • Find additional resources in the Wolfram U catalog. Use the available filters and search to find courses specific to the topics you want to study.
  • Review the topics and program guidelines above.
  • Click Request Cloud Exam above to get your copy of the exam notebook.
  • Complete all problems in your exam notebook within the one-week deadline.
  • Within the notebook, click Grade My Exam to submit your answers for instant review.
  • Download your Level 1 certificate immediately upon achieving a passing grade.