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Wolfram Language Programming

Level 2 Certification

After completing the Wolfram Language Programming Proficiency course sequence, you're ready to consider Level 2 certification. Wolfram Language Level 1 proficiency certification is required in order to apply for Level 2, and completion of the programming proficiency course is strongly recommended. Level 2 certification requires submitting an independent project that demonstrates expertise in using Wolfram Language to solve a complex problem. Projects can be submitted to the Wolfram Function Repository, Wolfram Language Paclet Repository or Wolfram Language Example Repository or presented during a certification session. A submission notebook containing your Wolfram Language code is required. Repository submissions are approved by curators of the Wolfram Resource System. In addition, certification project submissions are assessed by the certification team according to the grading rubric.

Level 2 Project

Browse the resources found in the Function Repository, Paclet Repository or Example Repository to see project examples in addition to the ones listed here. These examples are representative of programming projects that would be suitable for Level 2 certification. Refer to the grading rubric for specific certification requirements.

Grading Rubric »

Recommended Level 2 Certification Process

  • Attend the three courses in the Wolfram Language Programming Proficiency sequence.
  • Use course practice problems and exercises to check your understanding.
  • Earn your certificate of course completion for Wolfram Language Programming Fundamentals, Practical Programming with Wolfram Language and Programming and Development in Wolfram Language by passing each course quiz.
  • Earn your Level 1 Certification for proficiency in Wolfram Language.
  • Identify the computational problem you want to solve using Wolfram Language and develop your project notebook.
  • Consult the grading rubric to ensure your project meets certification standards.
  • Submit your project to the Function Repository, Paclet Repository or Example Repository, or request a file upload link and a certification session with a Wolfram instructor.
  • Pay the $395 certification fee (Education customers pay $195; students pay $95).
  • Please Note: If your project cannot be publicly shared, request a presentation session with a Wolfram instructor by noting your request in the comments section on the form.

Submitting Your Project

Once your project is submitted to the Wolfram Resource System, submit your certification request by paying the certification fee using the certification submission form. Use the comments section on the form to provide supporting details about your submission or to request a file upload link and a certification session with a Wolfram instructor. All projects are scored according to the grading rubric. A project score of 75 or greater will earn Level 2 certification in Wolfram Language programming. You will be notified about your certification status within three weeks of your submission. Successful applicants will receive a certificate suitable for printing and sharing, and every applicant receives project feedback that includes an explanation of their score. Applicants who receive scores under 75 may work to improve their projects and can apply again for Level 2 certification by submitting revised projects with the certification fee.

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