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Creative Computation

  • Interactive Course
  • 2 h 30 min
  • Beginner
  • 2 Certifications

Estimated Time: 2 h 30 min

Course Level: Beginner

Requirements: This course requires no prior knowledge of Mathematica or the Wolfram Language.

Certification Levels: CompletionLevel 1


Creative computation is a dynamic and emerging field with wide-ranging applications, seamlessly integrating coding and artistic expression. This project-based course explores core concepts of programming in Wolfram Language by creating visual art, poetry and audio as well as text- and graphics-based video games using built-in functions and the Wolfram Notebook interface. Learn to use coding and computation as tools to develop your creative potential and build a portfolio of computationally creative work.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language (available in Mathematica and Wolfram|One)

You'll Learn To

  • Code creatively with Wolfram Language
  • Create visual art using image manipulation and graphics
  • Write computational poetry using string manipulation and data structures
  • Use built-in audio support for analysis and synthesis
  • Develop text- and graphics-based video games with dynamic functionality

Certifications Available

  • Completion Certificate

    Certify your completion of this course by watching course videos and passing the auto-graded quizzes.

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  • Level 1 Certification

    This course provides excellent preparation for taking the Wolfram Language Level 1 certification exam.

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About This Interactive Course

It's free and easy to get started with open interactive courses using the Wolfram Cloud—sign in with your Wolfram ID or create one. No plan is required. This interactive course includes video lessons, exercises and mini-projects as well as a scratch notebook, all in an easy-to-use interface. From the interactive course, click Track My Progress to chart your certification progress as you go. Recommended best practice for completing this interactive course is to start with Lesson 1 and progress through the video lessons, exercises and mini-projects in the order they appear in the table of contents.