Wolfram U

Learning to Tackle Real-World Computer Vision Applications

Estimated Time: 50 min

Course Level: Intermediate


How can you apply the deep learning framework integrated in the Wolfram Language for solving real-world image processing applications? This class explores some of the depth of the Wolfram Language's neural net framework capabilities and shows how the trained networks can be tweaked to suit a wide range of complex image analysis tasks. With the help of examples, you will gain practical insights into effectively leveraging neural nets for your own applications.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language

You'll Learn To

  • Choose required resources for developing a neural net–based image processing application
  • Tweak a pre-trained network to suit a new functionality
  • Augment training datasets by synthesizing new data
  • Retrieve an image that is visually similar to a given query image from a dataset
  • Predict the quality of an image
  • Colorize a black-and-white picture