Wolfram U

Biodiversity Explorations with Machine Learning
(Study Group Sessions)

Estimated Time: 4 h 15 min

Course Level: Intermediate


Learn to apply machine learning techniques and Wolfram Language functions to biodiversity data. These Study Group sessions begin by introducing you to biodiversity data access functions available with the entity framework built into Wolfram Language and in the Wolfram Function Repository. Later sessions cover examples of classification, social media text analysis, audio processing of bird sounds and deploying a trained neural network image classifier to your mobile phone. Each session includes lessons, polls to review key concepts and practice problems.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Function Repository, Wolfram Language, Wolfram Neural Net Repository, Wolfram Notebooks

You'll Learn To

  • Access data using built-in entities and special import functions for biodiversity datasets
  • Import and analyze words and sentences in social media posts
  • Download and customize neural net models from the Wolfram Neural Net Repository
  • Identify and classify different species from images and audio recordings using high-level machine learning functions

About Wolfram Daily Study Groups

Daily Study Groups are fun, directed, incremental learning resources. An instructor guides each session by sharing short lessons, polling the group to review key concepts, introducing practice problems and answering questions.