Wolfram U

Built-in Machine Learning in Wolfram Language

Estimated Time: 20 min

Course Level: Beginner


You can apply machine learning to diverse subject areas without expert-level knowledge with the help of Wolfram Language. While you can build complicated models from scratch, you can also use any of the existing, pre-trained models on different inputs like text, numbers and images. This video introduces the many machine learning functions available for such wide-ranging tasks as image identification, text recognition, sentiment classification and others.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language (available in Mathematica and Wolfram|One)

You'll Learn To

  • Explore the automated machine learning capabilities of Wolfram Language through examples
  • Execute simple machine learning tasks on different types of inputs
  • Use both named and custom-trained models to perform classification tasks
  • Apply machine learning to computer vision, text and natural language processing tasks