Wolfram U

Deploying and Running a Custom Neural Net on Your Phone

Estimated Time: 28 min

Course Level: Intermediate


Learn about creating and training a neural net image classifier application for the iPhone to identify different types of mushrooms. Follow along step by step with this tutorial using built-in Wolfram Language functions as well as external code and applications to create a fully functional app that can be immediately deployed to a phone and used right away.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language, Wolfram Notebooks, Wolfram Function Repository, Wolfram Neural Net Repository

You'll Learn To

  • Import and process images from online databases
  • Generate training and test datasets
  • Access pre-trained models in the Wolfram Neural Net Repository
  • Convert a Wolfram Language neural net model into the ONNX format
  • Interface with Core ML and Python code
  • Deploy an application to an iPhone using Apple Developer Tools