Wolfram U

Zero to AI in 60 Minutes

  • Video Course
  • 1 h 15 min
  • Beginner

Estimated Time: 1 h 15 min

Course Level: Beginner


Follow this video series to get started with machine learning in the Wolfram Language. Automated machine learning capabilities in the Wolfram Language and machine learning concepts are demonstrated with the use of examples. Start with the concept of supervised learning and three key techniques: classification, prediction and sequence prediction. Learn how to work with various types of data, select from predefined methods and interpret results. Common issues related to datasets and ways to address them are discussed. Move on to the concept of unsupervised machine learning tasks such as feature extraction, encoding and dimension reduction. Text and image classification examples are used to demonstrate these methods. Next, get an overview of the neural network framework integrated in the Wolfram Language. Finally, learn how to deploy developed models through APIs and web forms for use by external programs and individuals.

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