Wolfram U

Discrete Calculus with Wolfram Language

Estimated Time: 3 h

Course Level: Intermediate


Discrete calculus is the basis for continuous calculus and the numerical algorithms used in it. This course provides an introduction to the foundations of discrete calculus. It discusses the basics, history and real-world applications of discrete calculus as well as associated Wolfram Language functionality.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language (available in Mathematica and Wolfram|One)

You'll Learn To

  • Work with sequences and series as a first step toward understanding the foundation of modern calculus
  • Perform basic calculus computations (permutations, combinations, probability, Riemann sums) using Wolfram Language syntax and functions
  • Use specific mathematical notation when performing discrete calculus computations
  • Define types of numbers and their properties (prime, Fibonacci, Lucas, harmonic, Bell, Bernoulli, Stirling)