Wolfram U

Hybrid Computing Quick Start

Estimated Time: 30 min

Course Level: Intermediate


One of the unique strengths of the Wolfram Language is its ability to take advantage of symbolic computation and exact numbers when solving numerical problems. This ability allows users to find the right answer in many cases where purely approximate methods would fail and opens up a world of powerful hybrid symbolic-numeric methods. In this class you'll get a look under the hood at some of the ways the numerics of the Wolfram Language benefit from its symbolics and how method selection is automatically inferred. The class is for those who have a basic familiarity with numeric and symbolic computation in the Wolfram Language.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language (available in Mathematica and Wolfram|One)

You'll Learn To

  • Compare traditional numerical systems to hybrid symbolic-numeric methods
  • Identify problem types
  • Convert numerical problems to standard forms
  • Specify specialized methods for solving problems
  • Use hybrid methods for piecewise functions
  • Take advantage of automatic optimization