Wolfram U

Introduction to Fractional Calculus

Estimated Time: 49 min

Course Level: Intermediate


Learn about computing fractional derivatives and using the popular Laplace transform technique to solve systems of linear fractional differential equations with Wolfram Language. The first video describes the basics of fractional calculus, defines some of the common differintegrals and introduces the built-in FractionalD and CaputoD functions. The second video focuses on using LaplaceTransform and InverseLaplaceTransform to convert functions from time domain to frequency domain and back again. It also demonstrates how you can combine the Laplace transform with MittagLefflerE functions and Caputo derivatives. The final video provides more background on fractional calculus and its uses and showcases demonstrative examples of both single fractional differential equations and systems of linear fractional differential equations.

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You'll Learn To

  • Work with systems of linear fractional differential equations
  • Combine Wolfram Language functions to calculate derivatives and common differintegrals
  • Determine the best ways to work with fractional calculus problems
  • Perform computations involving Laplace transformations