Wolfram U

Using LSP to Develop Wolfram Language Code in Text Editors and IDEs

  • Video Lesson
  • 25 min
  • Intermediate

Estimated Time: 25 min

Course Level: Intermediate


Programmers sometimes prefer to write Wolfram Language code in text editors they are already familiar with, such as Sublime Text and Visual Studio (VS) Code, rather than Wolfram Notebooks. The official Sublime Text package and VS Code extension make it easier to write Wolfram Language in those environments with text coloring and semantic highlighting. The video begins with a brief explanation of how Language Server Protocol (LSP) was used to create the add-ons for other text editors. The video then walks you through the features of the packages that make it easier to write and organize code.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language (available in Mathematica and Wolfram|One)

You'll Learn To

  • Teach other text editors about Wolfram Language code syntax with Language Server Protocol
  • Access plugin source code on Wolfram Research's GitHub page
  • Identify basic features of the text editor packages
  • Install the official Wolfram Language package in Sublime Text and the official Wolfram Research extension in VS Code
  • See differences in the Sublime and VS Code packages
  • Find a VS Code theme that supports semantic highlighting