Wolfram U

Geo Computation

Estimated Time: 27 min

Course Level: Beginner


There are several features and functions in Wolfram Language that allow you to perform computations on maps and geographic objects. This video lesson will explore some of the functions used in geo computation. You will learn about using vector maps with coordinate points, tiles, projections and different types of boundaries and labels as well as other components of map objects. Examples will also demonstrate the geometry behind vector maps and geo primitives.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language, Wolfram Notebooks

You'll Learn To

  • Use functions like GeoPolygon and GeoBoundary with vector geo primitives
  • Draw custom boundaries on maps with the GeoPath function
  • Merge tiles at different zoom levels into vector maps
  • Prioritize and place different types of map labels
  • Specify shading and segment shapes in map boundaries
  • Identify the components that make up vector map objects
  • Perform better topological computations on special regions like Antarctica