Wolfram U

New in Wolfram Language 14 Webinar Series

Estimated Time: 6 h

Course Level: Beginner


Building on the amazing amount of new functionality released in Versions 13.0–13.3 of Wolfram Language, Version 14 delivers the fruits of the research and development collected over the past two years. The biggest news relates to AI and LLMs like ChatGPT. Join the overview webinar to see how LLMs use Wolfram Language and how Wolfram Language 14 can now use LLMs. The overview webinar paints the big picture of the latest improvements to core language and math computation, additions to the Wolfram Knowledgebase and features that make software development even more efficient. Later webinars in this series will discuss in further depth the Version 14 features related to calculus, control systems, finite fields and matrix computation; dramatic performance improvements for numerical equation solving and symbolic summation; enhanced graphics; new functionality in image, audio, video and astro computation and also new libraries and features in System Modeler 14.