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Mohamed Abdelrahman

Mohamed Abdelrahman

Mohamed Abdelrahman has been working with Wolfram Research since 2017, developing interactive educational material for secondary-school students in cooperation with the Egyptian government and the Egyptian Knowledge Bank.  He has organized several workshops for teaching Mathematica and its application for scientists and engineers at various Egyptian universities. He also works as a teaching and research assistant at Zewail City of Science and Technology.

As a teaching assistant, Mohamed uses the Wolfram Language to develop interactive courseware materials for teaching computational photonics and numerical methods. As a research assistant, he has developed 3D finite-difference time and frequency domain solvers for simulating electromagnetic devices. Currently, he is working on using a Mathematica convex optimization package for inverse design of photonic devices.


Wolfram Research Europe Ltd.


BSc in Nanophotonics Engineering, Zewail University of Science and Technology


Arabic, English


Physics, history, music, art, travel