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Abdul Ghani

Abdul Ghani

In his role as a technical consultant for Wolfram Research Europe, Abdul Ghani develops software solutions for internal and external clients. His work involves a range of programming and paradigms—a typical pipeline is to process and analyze data via Wolfram Language and then to present the results interactively using a web-based front end. Abdul also presents webinars and trainings as a Wolfram certified instructor.

Prior to joining Wolfram, he was a PhD candidate at Durham University, where he studied Complexity Theory—in particular, proof complexity. He spent four years demonstrating the Theory of Computation module—exploring the strengths and limitations of different algorithms and of computation as a whole—and the Computational Thinking module, which culminated in students writing a SAT solver in Python. During his time at university, Abdul would regularly use Wolfram technologies in order to find limiting behaviors of functions, spectral aspects of matrices and, more generally, to gain some intuition about the problem at hand.


Wolfram Research Europe Ltd., Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


BSc, PhD in Computer Science, Durham University




Playing with synthesizers and lifting weights