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  Mathematica Developer Conference 2001, Champaign Illinois

The 2001 Mathematica Developer Conference was an invaluable resource for users and developers who are interested in creating Mathematica-related tools, products, courseware, or literature--or who wish to offer services as a Mathematica trainer, consultant, or evangelist.

The conference gave users a chance to get the newest developer information and was an excellent opportunity to meet Wolfram Research staff and other Mathematica experts from around the world. The conference featured tutorials, forums, an open computer lab, special events, and many informative, practical sessions.

This year's conference focused on a variety of topics ranging from user interface enhancements and building blocks for numerical functionality to book and courseware development and application development. Particular emphasis was placed on webMathematica, MathML, XML, and J/Link.

Many of the presentation notebooks from the 2001 Mathematica Developer Conference have been posted.

Special thanks to Compaq for providing computers for the 2001 Mathematica Developer Conference.