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2003 Mathematica Developer Conference
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2003 Mathematica Developer Conference:
Presentation Notebooks

Listed below is a portion of the conference presentations.

Advanced AuthorTool Topics
Lou D'Andria, Wolfram Research, Inc.

The Mathematica Information Center
Jean Buck, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Creating Custom Interfaces with Mathematica
Andrew de Laix, Wolfram Research, Inc.

machine learning framework for Mathematica
Mario Drobics, Software Competence Center Hagenberg

Property Predictions for Textile Composites
Gerry Flanagan and Michael Malsbury, Materials Sciences Corporation

Extending Import & Export
John Fultz, Paul J. Hinton, and Dale Horton, Wolfram Research, Inc.

J/Link for Developers
Todd Gayley, Wolfram Research, Inc.

.NET/Link: Integrating Mathematica with the Next Generation of Microsoft Technology
Todd Gayley, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Mathematica Development
Roger Germundsson, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Solving Difference Equations with Mathematica and Future Directions
Ünal Göktas, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Using Mathematica to Teach Bioinformatic Skills
Brian Higgins, University of California, Davis

Solving Large Linear Optimization Problems
Yifan Hu, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Implementation of a BufferedImage Translator
Mariusz Jankowski, University of Southern Maine

Financial Derivatives Technology with Mathematica
Andreas Lauschke, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Fast Linear Algebra In Mathematica
Zbigniew Leyk, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Movie Reader for Mathematica
Joshua Martell, University of Southern Maine

Using Mathematica to Design a Linear Observer Circuit for a Hyperchaotic Oscillator
Damon A. Miller, Western Michigan University and Giuseppe Grassi, University of Lecce, Italy

Mathematica and J/Link Applications to Geophysical Software for non-Geophysicists
Edo Nyland, University of Alberta

BLAS & LAPACK Performance in Mathematica 5.0
Schoeller Porter, Wolfram Research, Inc.

MathOptimizer Professional
Dr. János D. Pintér and Frank J. Kampas
Pintér Consulting Services, Inc. and WAM Systems, Inc.

Optimization of Finite Element Models with MathOptimizer and ModelMaker
János D. Pintér and Christopher J. Purcell
Pintér Consulting Services, Inc. and Defence R&D Canada

Mathematica for ActiveX
Anton Rowe, Episoft, Inc.

Mathematica Link for Excel
Anton Rowe, Episoft, Inc.

MathLink + Netlib = MathLib
Oliver Rübenkönig, E. B. Rudnyi, and J. G. Korvink, IMTEK (Institute for Microsystem Technology)

An Introduction to the New NDSolve, and ExplicitRungeKutta
Mark Sofroniou, Wolfram Research, Inc.

New Algebraic Features in Mathematica
Adam Strzebonski, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Interactive Multivariable Calculus
Keith Stroyan, University of Iowa

Mathematica for the Liberal Arts
Bruce Torrence, Randolph-Macon College

The Mathematica Bond Graph Toolbox
Nicolas Venuti, Virtual Dynamics

The Mathematica Web Services Package
Chris Williamson, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Identifying Mathematica Market Opportunities
Conrad Wolfram, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Developer Conference Programming Challenges
Wolfram Research, Inc.