Advanced Mathematica Summer School 2009--June 7-19, Champaign, Illinois, USA
Learn Mathematica from the experts who build it... and hone your skills while developing your own project

The second annual Advanced Mathematica Summer School (AMSS) offers you a unique opportunity to learn from the experts who develop Mathematica. Bring a real-world project or problem to this exclusive program and work one-on-one with mentors and senior advisors to move your project from conception to completion.

As the core of the program, you and your mentor will map out and follow a comprehensive strategy to complete your chosen project. Additionally, the AMSS offers two weeks of lectures and hands-on workshops covering Mathematica 7 capabilities, methods, and design principles. You will gain keen insight into Mathematica's rich capabilities and how to take advantage of them in your projects. All participants will then share their project results during a special, one-day, final presentation event.

The Summer School is targeted for both professionals and students. All attendees are expected to have solid pre-existing knowledge of Mathematica.

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AMSS Alumni
Steve Bush, Proctor and Gamble--Click to see video
Steve Bush

"You can do a lot within Mathematica... before you ever get to... doing product design."

Tim Shine, Mayo Clinic--Click to see video
Tim Shine

"I find [Mathematica's] visualization capability very quickly fit into the way I have been taught as a physician. We look at diagrams. We look at pictures. We have concepts in our head... trying to fit these concepts to a greater accuracy and precision is what Mathematica has allowed."