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International Mathematica User Conference
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This year's conference has presentations on an exciting variety of topics, with separate programming tracks offering something for everyone.

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Software Engineering, Application Development, and Content Delivery

DebugTrace—An Alternative Debugger»

David Bailey

Grid Computing and Optical Design»

Donald Barnhart & Ann Williamson

Using Ruby on Rails Models with Mathematica»

Gustavo Delfino

Parallel Computing in Mathematica 7»

Richard Gass

Web Computing at University of West Bohemia»

Petr Girg, Luboš Matějka, Ladislav Pešička, Jiří Benedikt, & Josef Otta

C# Development using Mathematica»

Frank J. Kampas

Catchment Scale 3D Geological Models from Sparse Data Sets»

Bryce Kelly

Power-Programming with CalcLink and GoogleDocsLink»

Andreas Lauschke


Salvatore Mangano

Dynamic Timeline Plots»

Daniel G. Martinez

Improving Function Definitions with Patterns»

Thomas H. Meyer

ShareYourNoggin: Platform Mathematica»

André Mitra

Delegating Computations to C Code»

Yves Papegay

Using Mathematica to Close the Technical Development Loop»

Eric Parker

Customized Exporting of Browser-Readable Content from Mathematica»

Phil Ramsden

Building Interactive Textbooks and Documents with Mathematica»

Eric Schulz

Tools and Applications for Data Manipulation and Analysis»

Ariel Sepúlveda

Silverlight Animation using Mathematica»

Keehong Song


Markus van Almsick

A Comprehensive Data and Analysis Platform for a Global Hedge Fund»

Philip Zecher