International Mathematica User Conference 2009 News & Events
International Mathematica User Conference
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There is something for everybody at this year's conference. Our program is geared for beginning Mathematica users as well as longtime users and developers of Mathematica applications, with separate tracks to serve different audiences.

Novice users will be able to participate in many hands-on workshops and step-by-step tutorials. Those with advanced knowledge will experience the latest solutions and technologies. Attendees with a business focus will hear how Mathematica can be a vital part of an organization's IT infrastructure.

And of course, there will be plenty of opportunity to hear how Mathematica users around the world are solving problems with Mathematica.

Preliminary General Schedule


Pre-conference Training:
     8:30am–5pm: M101: A First Course in Mathematica
     9am–noon: M225: Grid Computing with Mathematica
     1–4:30pm: M235: Mathematica Development using Wolfram Workbench
5:30–7:30pm: Conference Sign-In and Wine and Cheese Reception


7am–noon: Conference Sign-In
7–8:30am: Breakfast
8:30–9:30am: Opening Keynote Speech
10am–5pm: Breakout Sessions
11am–noon & 12:30-1:30pm: Lunch
7–9pm: Breakout Sessions


7–8am: Breakfast
8am–5pm: Breakout Sessions
8:30am–5pm: M215: Applied Statistical Analysis
11am–noon & 12:30–1:30pm: Lunch
6–7pm: Cocktail Hour
7–9pm: Conference Dinner


7–8am: Breakfast
8am–2pm: Breakout Sessions and Workshops*
8:30am–5pm: M221: Introduction to Programming in Mathematica

* Teacher Workshop, 9am–1pm: This is a half-day workshop providing K–12 and community college teachers (or education students) a look at how to integrate Mathematica into their courses. All participants will receive hands-on training in Mathematica and leave with an understanding of how to teach with the software. K–12 and community college teachers (or education students) will receive a Mathematica license to use within their classroom as well.