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Advances in Native Wolfram Language Functions within Wolfram|Alpha

Wolfram|Alpha is an ever-increasing ensemble of expert-level knowledge and capabilities implemented in the Wolfram Language. In this talk, Nick Brunk highlights feature additions enhancing Wolfram|Alpha with the new functionality added in recent versions of the Wolfram Language. He emphasizes domains of enhanced mathematical functionality with an eye toward number theory functionality, elliptic functions and support for angles, complex numbers and vectors. He also demonstrates added array generation and manipulation functionality. Finally, he showcases educational signal processing functionality useful to engineers and array manipulation functionality useful in a broad array of disciplines. In line with Wolfram|Alpha’s goal of making all systematic knowledge computable, the support for math functions is increasingly comprehensive, polishing off support for all functions in the Wolfram Language’s MathematicalFunctionData database that are themselves supported in the Wolfram Language proper.

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Channels: Wolfram Virtual Technology Conference 2020

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