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Electric Circuits with Relays and with Wolfram Mathematica and Cloud

In this talk, Milana Santos talks about designing online courseware for electrical engineering students using the Wolfram Language and the Wolfram Cloud. At Polytechnical School of Universidade de São Paulo, most courses about electrical circuits and equipment are accomplished by practical experiments. As we presently need to deal with the social distance for COVID-19, our lab classes, for the 2020 term, are being given remotely. Hence, we had to intensify the use of the technology resources for teaching, practice and assessment. We had already built, in a very amateur way, a simulator for electric circuits, including relays, timers and push-buttons, using Wolfram Mathematica. Now, as we plan to use it to teach and explore all the potentials of these kinds of circuits, we are migrating it to the Wolfram Cloud. It was only possible because of the very powerful graph functions! Although there are some simulators for this subject, we want something that is web based and also that students may think that "it is so simple that anyone can build."

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Channels: Wolfram Virtual Technology Conference 2020

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