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Coordinating Traffic Lights

Our objective was to design road and traffic control systems that maximize traffic flow and minimize red-light wait time. Melvin Friedman describe how they found a way to relieve bumper-to-bumper traffic on highways and build inexpensive uninterrupted flow roads that function like highways. Fundamental problem: is it possible to design a road and traffic-control system that simultaneously satisfy these properties? 1) Motorists travelling at a recommended constant average speed in any one of four orthogonal directions make every traffic light in their chosen direction regardless of their starting point or how far they travel in their chosen direction, and the same is true for pedestrians and bicyclists. 2) The system has maximum vehicle flow. 3) The system can adapt to meet changing traffic demand. Solution: The fundamental problem is solved using the green wave on a red sea (GWRS) methodology developed here and is demonstrated visually using Mathematica.

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