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BEST Viewpoints

Data Analysis Made Simple

BEST Viewpoints—Data Analysis Made Simple Mathematica 10 compatible

BEST Viewpoints is a powerful and easy-to-use data analysis application. Its graphical user interface enables users to create high-quality results in minutes by providing quick access to many Mathematica functions for data manipulation, analysis, and visualization.

Interface to BEST Viewpoints

Key Characteristics

  • No programming skills are needed to use it because it is GUI based.
  • Performs hierarchical analysis at any nesting or grouping level of categorical fields.
  • No limits on dataset size, and data can be trimmed to exclude outliers.
  • Analysis can be performed on numeric, text, or symbolic data columns.
  • Data can be imported from databases, spreadsheets, or delimited text files.
  • Tabular output can be exported to spreadsheet formats and delimited files, and graphics to standard formats like GIF and JPG.

  • Key Features
    • A data-importing interface for uploading data or merging datasets from many data sources, like databases, Excel, text files, etc. When importing from databases, the user can create and continuously update a selectable and editable list of SQL commands. This section also provides a quick assessment of the data columns imported (data types, summary statistics, common values, etc.).
    • An interface for data transformation and manipulation, which in some situations may be needed to transform data columns (e.g. string to number), calculate new columns (e.g. c3 = Log[c1]+c2), calculate data summaries, create queries (e.g. exclude non-numeric entries from one column), or sort data. Defined procedures and equations can be saved as Analysis Templates for future use in different datasets.
    • A section dedicated to calculate and plot data summaries (Total, Count, Average, Max, etc.), as defined by levels of the selected categorical variables. Data summaries can be represented as Bar Charts, Pareto Analysis, Box-and-Whisker Charts, Confidence Intervals, and Line Plots.
    • A section dedicated to exploring data using analysis methods and plots like:
      • The calculation of location, dispersion, and shape Summary Statistics (e.g. Mean, Standard Deviation, Skewness)
      • Plotting Lines, Scatter Plots, Bubble Charts, and 3D Plots
      • Assessing data distribution using Histograms (including distribution plots like PDF, CDF, and Survival), Box-and-Whisker Plots, Distribution Charts, Probability, Quantile, and Probability Scale Plots
      • Performing Hypothesis Tests (Location, Location Equivalence, Variance, Variance Equivalence), Goodness-of-Fit Tests (for continuous or discrete populations)
      • Assessing process stability using Process Capability Analysis and Statistical Control Charts (XBar, R, EWMA, C, p, Np)
      • Creating data models: define model, calculate model parameter statistics, ANOVA table, goodness-of-fit tests, and residual plots
    • A section dedicated to Association Analysis and Retail Analytics, where associations among variables can be easily discovered and graphically represented to simplify their interpretations. When a dataset of retail transactions is being analyzed, this section can also calculate retail statistics like product penetration and sole purchase count, and evaluate how these statistics change over time. Market Basket Analysis tools can also be used to identify the product affinities that portray customer preferences. The information that this section can generate from data is usually hard or impossible to get from other data analysis applications.

    About the Developer

    Ariel SepĂșlveda has a BSIE and ME in industrial engineering from the University of Puerto Rico and a PhD in operations research from Virginia Tech. Currently, Ariel is the president and founder of Pronto Analytics Inc., an organization dedicated to creating data analysis solutions mainly using Wolfram technology. He has created data analysis solutions for companies in several countries around the world.

    Product Support

    BEST Viewpoints is developed and supported by Pronto Analytics Inc.

    Pronto Analytics Inc.
    Ariel Sepúlveda, PhD
    President, Pronto Analytics Inc.


    BEST Viewpoints 10 requires Mathematica 10, CDF Player 10, or CDF Player Pro 10, and is available for Windows or Mac OS X.