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Q:  Does BEST Viewpoints contain any analysis capabilities similar to those found in Microsoft Excel PivotTable®?
  Yes. Data summaries can be done graphically and numerically for any number of categorical variables. Additional features like Pareto analysis, box-and-whisker plots, and user-defined summary functions are also provided.
Q:  What file formats does BEST Viewpoints read?
  It can import any format accepted by Mathematica (XLS, XLSX, CSV, TSV, and TXT, among others).
Q:  Can I read data in databases?
  Yes. BEST Viewpoints has an interface for connecting to databases and making queries from all databases supported by Mathematica (Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL, among others).
Q:  Are there restrictions on the dataset size?
  No. A dataset can have any number of fields (columns) or records (rows), as long as it can fit in your computer memory.
Q:  What data types can be analyzed with BEST Viewpoints?
  Any data type recognized by Mathematica (text, numbers, graphics, lists, etc.).
Q:  Can the output be exported outside of Mathematica?
  Yes. Graphics and data tables of numbers or text can be easily exported using the interface or just by copying and pasting.
Q:  Does BEST Viewpoints perform tests of hypotheses or confidence intervals?
  Yes. Hypothesis testing and confidence intervals can be performed for comparing different populations.
Q:  Can BEST Viewpoints be used for text mining?
  Yes. Different from other analysis software, BEST Viewpoints can do many types of textual data analysis as if it were analyzing numbers.

For example, it has been successfully used to analyze datasets that contain unstructured comments of operators in a manufacturing line. With a few clicks, the users got information about the most common problems as divided by categories like product number, operator, manufacturing line, etc. Similarly, other information, like the coexistence of manufacturing defects, along with their frequency and location in the product, were identified.
Q:  What will I find in BEST Viewpoints that is not in other analysis tools?
  Speed, quality, and variety of analysis. BEST Viewpoints is easy to use, and in most cases, you'll get instantaneous results by just clicking a few buttons or options. Analyzing data with categorical fields is one of the most distinctive features found in BEST Viewpoints, since once an analysis setup is defined, just selecting one or more categories will replicate the currently defined analyses (or calculations in a spreadsheet) over the distinct values of the selected categories. Finally, all analyses you make can be saved as analysis templates for future use in datasets with the same headers or column names.