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Aerospace & Defense

Model and test complex systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), space robotics, and aircraft dynamics. System Modeler enables system- and component-level design and continuous testing and verification.

Controlling a Satellite Path

Model a satellite with a combination of 3D mechanics and block-based control logic. The satellite is launched from the Earth's surface with a launch sequence. Then a control logic subsystem adjusts altitude and velocity via thrusters. Mathematica is used to design the parameters of the control system.

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The latest versions of System Modeler and Mathematica.

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Create Custom Visualizations

Visualize the path of the satellite with and without controller adjustments.

Design Controller in Mathematica

Design the parameters of the altitude controller of the satellite in Mathematica.

Path with controller
Path without controller
Shown are the energy expenditure and altitude for three different altitude controllers.
The dashed line is the target height.

Plot Instantly

Easily show the altitude and energy expenditure for different control parameters.