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Comparing Truck Seat Suspension Dampening Designs

Modeling and simulation can be used to predict the effects of replacing one component in a system with another. In this model an active damper is considered as a replacement for a simple passive damper in the driver's seat of a heavy truck.

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Create Hybrid Models

Replace a simple passive damper with a hybrid active damper.

Numerical Experimentation

Compare the behavior of different real and idealized system designs under identical input conditions.

Semi-active damper component that applies velocity-dependent damping in one direction of motion
Semi-active damping performs better than passive damping across a range of frequencies.

Compare Designs

Test an alternative design by creating a drop-in replacement component.

Analysis & Custom Visualization

Visualize amplitude frequency response curves by computing the envelope of the response of each system to the chirp input signal.

Reichert, Brian Anthony Jr. Application of Magnetorheological Dampers for Vehicle Seat Suspensions. MS thesis. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, 1997.