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Instructor-Led Course

Data Visualization with the Wolfram Language

2hr 30min
1 Certification
Estimated Time: 2hr 30min
Course Level: Beginner
Requirements: This course requires basic working knowledge of the Wolfram Language.
Certification Levels: Course completion

With the use of a curated dataset from the Wolfram Data Repository, this course shows how to quickly visualize different data structures and how to make your graphics ready to publish and share. Domain-specific functions as well as general techniques are shared for getting the most out of your graphics. The course is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about data visualization using the Wolfram Language.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language, Mathematica

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  • Visualizing Data Quickly
    Learn tips to choose the best visualization functions for different data structures. Explore features of scatter plots, tables, charts and histograms, word clouds, time series visualizations, geographic visualizations and more.
  • Themes and Styles
    Quickly modify the overall look of a graphic using the Wolfram Language built-in symbol PlotTheme and its many options.
  • Labeling Plots and Graphics
    Add meaning to graphics with the use of labels, callouts and legends.
  • Arranging Elements
    See how different coordinate systems and elements such as sizing, padding, layers, margins and text can enhance your visualizations.
  • Dynamic Interactivity
    Learn how to add basic interactive features such as tooltips, buttons and mouseovers to your graphics.
  • Putting It All Together
    Complete a project from start to finish, sharing eye-catching results.