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Applied Expertise in Wolfram Language Programming
Level 2 certification

After completing the Wolfram Language Programming Proficiency course sequence, you're ready to consider Level 2 certification. Wolfram Language Level 1 proficiency certification is required in order to apply for Level 2, and completion of the programming proficiency course is strongly recommended. Level 2 certification requires submitting an independent project that demonstrates expertise in using Wolfram Language to solve a complex problem. Projects can be submitted to the Wolfram Function Repository, Wolfram Language Paclet Repository or Wolfram Language Example Repository or presented during a certification session. A submission notebook containing your Wolfram Language code is required. Repository submissions are approved by curators of the Wolfram Resource System. In addition, certification project submissions are assessed by the certification team according to the grading rubric.

  • Wolfram Language coding project
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Why Wolfram Certification?

Wolfram is one of the world's most respected computer, web and cloud software companies and a pioneer in computation and computational knowledge. Wolfram certifications are available in a range of levels to help you develop your skills from any starting point.

  • Easily shareable
  • Add to your resume, CV and application forms
  • Post to professional profiles
  • Promote your skills and knowledge

Attendance Certificate

Receive a certificate to verify your presence at a Wolfram U class or event.

  • Demonstrate your interest in professional and technical development
  • Proof of attendance for continuing education credit
  • Shareable with managers and other approvers

Program or Course Completion Certificate

Receive an instructor-signed certificate to verify your completion of Wolfram U programs and courses.

  • Verify satisfactory completion of program and course objectives
  • Proof of participation in live sessions or completion of video lessons
  • Add to your resume, CV and professional networking profiles

Level 1 Proficiency Certification

Earn certification for proficiency in computational fields and Wolfram technologies.

  • Demonstrate your expanding technical skills
  • Proof of competency in a particular subject area
  • Add to your resume, CV and application forms
  • Post to professional profiles

Level 2 Applied Expertise Certification

Earn certification for applied expertise in a specific subject area.

  • Verify satisfactory completion of a capstone project
  • Demonstrate your ability to apply what you've learned
  • Add to your resume, CV and application forms
  • Post to professional profiles