Wolfram U

Breaking the Boundaries of Data Science

  • Video Lesson
  • 29 min
  • Beginner

Estimated Time: 29 min

Course Level: Beginner


What do we mean by multiparadigm data science? Presenter Jon McLoone answers this question by showing examples of using computation with data that go beyond traditional statistical methods. Using the Wolfram Language to perform computations in sentiment analysis, signal processing and graph theory, Jon illustrates that various domains of computation can be combined to yield new insights into the data. The role of automation in making deep data exploration more accessible is introduced. Machine learning examples are shown. The class ends with a demonstration of a web-based application and API deployment for making results, reports and presentations interactive and collaborative.

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You'll Learn To

  • Combine data science with other domains of computation to gain insights
  • Estimate useful parameters from various types of datasets and visualize them using built-in functions
  • Leverage the automation built into the Wolfram Language for performing complex tasks of classification over arbitrary datasets
  • Deploy web-based applications and APIs