Wolfram U

What's Cooking: A Data Science Pipeline for Recipe Classification

Estimated Time: 1 h

Course Level: Beginner


Learn the fundamental steps you need to complete a data science project. This video shows you how to use Wolfram Notebooks to build a modular project pipeline. With the use of a basic example, you will learn to import your data, clean it, analyze it and communicate your results using visualizations, reports and a cloud-deployed web app.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Cloud, Wolfram Language, Wolfram Notebooks

You'll Learn To

  • Use Wolfram Notebooks for building a technical workflow
  • Set up a project pipeline for a multiparadigm data science project
  • Download and import data
  • Restructure data
  • Carry out exploratory analysis
  • Use machine learning to build a predictive model
  • Create visualizations to communicate interesting results
  • Deploy a simple app, powered by machine learning, to the cloud