Wolfram U

Daily Study Group: Wolfram Tools for LLMs

Estimated Time: 5 h

Course Level: Beginner


Wolfram technology has long been a component of intelligent assistants and other AI systems. This study group brings you up to speed on currently available tools and devotes daily sessions to using Chat Notebooks, Wolfram Language functions that connect to LLMs, other built-in AI-related functionality and Wolfram GPT. See how Wolfram makes LLMs smarter by giving them access to powerful computation, accurate math, curated knowledge, real-time data and visualization. Learn about Wolfram tools that offer natural language–based code assistance, connecting to LLMs and access to built-in functionality for AI tasks.

About Wolfram Daily Study Groups

In Daily Study Groups, the instructor guides each session by sharing short lessons with examples, polling the group to review key concepts and answering questions. Study group sessions run daily, Monday through Friday. A certificate of completion is available for those who attend and pass a quiz.