Wolfram U

Back to School with AI Tools and Wolfram

Estimated Time: 51 min

Course Level: Beginner


Many teachers and students worry generative AI may be used to cheat or offload coursework. This video explains how generative AI can actually be used to help students meet their learning goals and also help teachers teach and assess critical and creative thinking skills. Students can access generative AI through Chat Notebooks at every learning stage to understand big-picture concepts, applications and specific examples. See examples combining generative AI with other computational tools like Wolfram|Alpha, the Wolfram plugin for ChatGPT, LLM tools and more in Wolfram Language. You will also see how Chat Notebooks can help you learn to code in Wolfram Language.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language and Wolfram Notebooks (available in Mathematica, Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition)

You'll Learn To

  • Use generative and symbolic AI for problem solving within Chat Notebooks
  • Design classroom activities with AI-written code
  • Reframe assessments to highlight critical and creative thinking skills with help from AI
  • Understand the role of computational thinking in dealing with AI and LLMs
  • Learn Wolfram Language through AI-generated text and examples
  • Correct mistakes and unexpected results in code and math problems with feedback from AI