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Topics in Artisanal Calculus (Study Group Sessions)

Estimated Time: 5 h

Course Level: Beginner


Explore lesser-known but incredibly useful topics in calculus. In this Daily Study Group on "artisanal" topics in calculus, learn about umbral calculus, Bell polynomials, the Euler–Maclaurin formula and fractional calculus. See how you can apply methods in calculus to the study of dynamical systems, minimal surfaces and even number theory. These methods in calculus are not just part of a college math course—they give you problem-solving tools for a variety of applications. Learn these concepts for a computational view of calculus and its connection to other ideas that goes beyond a typical "Calculus 101" course.

About Wolfram Daily Study Groups

In Daily Study Groups, the instructor guides each session by sharing short lessons with examples, polling the group to review key concepts and answering questions. Study group sessions run daily, Monday through Friday. A certificate of attendance is available.