Wolfram U

Mastering Manipulates and Palettes for Easy User Interfaces

Estimated Time: 42 min

Course Level: Intermediate


Wolfram Language offers a rich environment with a variety of built-in tools for building and automating dynamic and interactive interfaces. You can easily deploy and share apps, notebooks, palettes and other interfaces within Wolfram Notebooks or on the Wolfram Cloud. The course starts with a lesson on the built-in Manipulate function, a powerful and flexible tool for creating interfaces. The next lesson shows you how to build and work with custom palettes to enable more efficient workflows. The final lesson on notebook programming demonstrates how you can adjust and control user interface elements programmatically. This course includes examples of dynamic, interactive interfaces that feature different types of controls, like sliders, buttons, checkboxes and more.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language and Wolfram Notebooks (available in Mathematica, Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition)

You'll Learn To

  • Easily create a usable, interactive interface using the simple but powerful Manipulate function
  • Build palettes for performing frequently used operations using the CreatePalette function
  • Specify options and style choices to control interface functionality and appearance
  • Construct interfaces with a variety of UI elements like viewers, annotations, buttons and other control objects