Wolfram U

Paclet Development

Estimated Time: 1 h 45 min

Course Level: Intermediate


Paclets provide a way to include additional functionality beyond the built-in functions in Wolfram Language. There are many installable paclets already available for use with Mathematica, but anyone can write their own paclets and publish them to the Wolfram Language Paclet Repository. Follow this video course to learn about using paclets from the repository as well as the basics of developing your own paclet. Topics include writing the paclet.wl file that contains the metadata describing the paclet, authoring documentation for your paclet functions and the various paclet elements like Wolfram Language files, stylesheets, palettes, libraries and documentation. Examples walk you through the process of creating and deploying paclets for the repository as well as for sharing on GitHub.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language and Wolfram Notebooks (available in Mathematica, Wolfram|One and Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition)

You'll Learn To

  • Explore the Paclet Repository and follow best practices
  • Install paclets and call specific functions from paclets
  • Identify the components of paclets
  • Create a new paclet programmatically or with a definition notebook
  • Develop the different components of a paclet using the definition notebook as a guide
  • Incorporate paclets with repositories, like GitHub, for continuous integration and continuous deployment workflows
  • Use the Documentation Tools palette to write documentation