Wolfram U

Paclet Development Quick Start

Estimated Time: 39 min

Course Level: Intermediate


Paclets are installable additions to Wolfram Language. While a number of paclets are available for download from the Wolfram Language Paclet Repository, you can also build your own paclets. This video lesson explains the type of metadata that goes into a PacletInfo.wl file, providing programmatic descriptions of paclet code and resources. It walks you through the process of developing a paclet with the help of a simple example. The video also shows you how to author and deploy documentation for a paclet and its functions.

Featured Products & Technologies: Wolfram Language (available in Mathematica and Wolfram|One), Wolfram Cloud

You'll Learn To

  • Develop complete paclets
  • Add paclet metadata to pacletinfo.wl files
  • Use PacletTools functionality to create new paclets
  • Search for and download existing paclets from the Wolfram Paclet Repository
  • Use Documentation Tools to write your own documentation
  • Prepare a submission for the Paclet Repository using the template provided