Wolfram U

Quantile and Box-Whisker Plots

Estimated Time: 29 min

Course Level: Intermediate


This class provides an overview of some of the statistical visualization functionality built into the Wolfram Language. Topics include visual inspection of the shape of data and comparisons to distributions and datasets. Quantile plots, box-and-whisker plots, probability plots and distribution charts are covered. The class is for those who have basic familiarity with the Wolfram Language and general statistical knowledge.

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You'll Learn To

  • Use QuantilePlot and ProbabilityPlot to compare datasets to reference distributions
  • Plot data on probability scales for common built-in distributions
  • Visualize medians, means, quartiles, outliers and confidence intervals using box-and-whisker charts
  • Customize the appearance of your charts
  • Draw a representation of the distribution of values in your data using DistributionChart